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Activities on Zrce and Pag

Novalja offers its visitors a large amount of different sports and recreational facilities. Apart from the town stadium, there are numerous tennis courts, gyms and swimming pools, while almost all of Novalja beaches offer sports contents such as beach volley.

Adrenaline sports

Adrenaline lovers will be delighted by the rich offer of extreme sports such as bungee jumping, parasailing or wake boarding. Everyone who wants to experience the exhilaration of wake boarding should visit Zrće, where is located one of the best ski-lifts in Europe, with a 600 meters long cable reaching an average height of 10 meters, your fun is guaranteed. On Zrće you'll also find a 41 meters high bungee crane, set-up only a few meters from the shore. Its box will rise you for an unforgettable jump any time of day or night, except when bora wind is blowing. And to experience a special, aerial view of Zrće, try parasailing, an unique combination of sailing, paragliding and parachuting. If you want to get to know Pag Novalja's surroundings in an unique way, try renting a Quad (ATV - all terrain vehicle) and waging yourself into an off-road adventure on Pag's barren terrain. For all funs of speed competitions, there's the karting track in Novalja - rent your kart and the fun can begin!

Water sports

Apart from numerous speeding activities, such as jet-ski, banana ride or tube, Pag bay is a favorite among wind surfers and kite surfers because of the ideal combination of its winds, the slower mistral and the faster bora. You'll find many possibilities of motor boats renting in Novalja. Diving lovers can set out of Stara Novalja where a number of diving clubs operate but you'll find them also elsewhere on the island. We definitely recommend to divers Caska and Vlaška mala bays because of their archaeological remains. But you can also find numerous natural beauties on Pag's seabed, such as reefs and caverns that act as habitats for sea flora and fauna. If you want a real diving adventure make sure to explore one of the many shipwrecks in Pag's surroundings.


The growing number of marked cycling routes enables easy visiting of the entire island using just bicycles. From Novalja you can set out to routes along the Novalja field or follow theVine routes; out of Stara Novalja departs the route called Quarry; from Caska you can take the route which leads to Metajna, and there are many more marked cycling routes. The cycling marathon Novalja - Lun and the mini marathon around Novalja prove the popularity of these routes, also interesting to the tourists. If you ddidn't bring your own bike, you can easily rent one on the spot.

Hiking and mountain climbing

Rocky grounds and barren lands, low and aromatic mediterenean vegetation, vineyards and sheep herds are what makes Pag's ambiance so special. These landmarks and peculiarities can be easily reached if you set out on some of many mountain climbing trips. Make sure to visit the site Stogaj at Metajna or the famous Pag triangle on the peak of Velo tusto čelo, which is located between Caska and Metajna.