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Pag island gastronomy

The island of Pag is best known for a few culinary specialties that you can taste in one of the many restaurants and taverns in Novalja.

Pag cheese, olive oil, lamb

The first is the world-famous and awarded Pag cheese, special because of the bura wind, which brings sea salt to the aromatic herbs growing on the rocky slopes, making special the milk of Pag's sheeps. That's why the cheese, made for centuries in a traditional way, is so tasty.

For the same reason, Pag's lamb specialties also renowned, being farmed on the bura blowing slopes of the island. Pag is also known for its millenary olive groves, so don't forget to taste Pag's olive oil which pairs perfectly with the local cheese.

Typical Pag's pasta, called macaroni na iglu is also must try, just as are a lot of fresh fish meals being offered by the many taverns. And for desert we recommend the typical cheese strudel , the fried hrostule or frite.

Traditional Pag drinks

Regardless of your choices, every meal has to be accompanied with the perfect wine. After a few years of stagnation, in recent times the wine tradition of Pag island is having a revival, with ever more vineyards being grown. Taste the traditional white Gegić, an autochthonous variety, or the black wine coupage named Burin. And as a digestive, don't miss the local brandy Travarica, a grappa made, onece again, from the aromatic herbs of the island of Pag!