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Pag island beaches

In Novalja and its surroundings are located some of the most beautiful beaches on Pag island. From pebbly to sandy, with shallow or deeper waters, wild ones or those with many facilities, the choice of beaches is wide and there really is the perfect beach for everyone. Discover them all and choose which Novalja's beach is your favourite.


Zrće beach is located about 2 kilometers from Novalja, on the road to the city of Pag. This pebbly beach is a few hundred meters long and very wide and holds numerous awards because of its natural beauty. In 2003 Zrće was also awarded with the Blue flag as testimony of its high standards that still holds today. In July and August you can easily reach Zrće from Novalja by public transport. Zrće beach is the ideal place for all party lovers, sports activities addicts and active holidays enjoyers, since it has loads of various content on offer day and night - everyday! In fact, apart from parasol and deck chairs to chill out, here you can find many sporting activities and all sorts of entertainment, such as aquagans, restaurants and various bars. And after sunset, the best summer parties begin in all the clubs located on Zrće beach.


Caska, a small town and bay, are located just a few kilometers to the east of Novalja. Caska beach extends on 600 meters of sandy and pebbly areas. In Roman times, a settlement named Cissa was located in Caska bay and today its remains can be seen on the shore and under water. Here you'll find a calm atmosphere, but don't fear, there are also bars where you can enjoy a cold drink in the shade of parasols.


Straško beach and camping ground are located a few kilometers to the south of Novalja, on the open sea, not far from Gajac. Long and mostly sandy, Straško beach holds the Blue flag since 2004 and provides lots of content: various sports activities, resturants, bars, but also a beautiful pine forest where you'll find all the necessary shade.


Brančevica beach is located nearby Gajac, just 3 kilometers from downtown Novalja. This sandy beach faces towards the open sea and in nearby Gajac you'll find all facilities readily available. This beach is very popular, both for it's beauty andfor it's contents, but it's also easily reachable by public transport from Novalja.

Planjka (Trinćel)

Located between Novalja and Stara Novalja, the beach Planjka, is definetly the most awarded beach in the sorroundings. Except for the Blue flag, Blue and Touristic flower, this beach also won prizes as the most beautiful and the most finely furnished beach on the Adriatic sea. Judging by its faciliteis and equipment, which swimmers can use during their stay on Planjka, this beach really deserves all this prizes, while the numerous catering facilities only add to the experience.


Beach Lokunje is located inside the green belt in the heart of Novalja making it easily reachable to anyone who chooses the city center for their summer residence. This short distance from the town makes it ideal for a short break,swimming or just relaxing in the shade of aromatic mediteranean herbs.


Located to the north of Novalja, beach Babe is ideal for those who love peace and enjoy the sun and the sea without the need for extra content. Shallow, warm water and the sorrounding forest make it a perfect all-day getaway location. More so, since the beach can be accessed only on foot, thus&never getting very crowded. Take a break from Zrće's party atmosphere on this wild but very beautiful beach.